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Sunday, April 11, 2010

PBC 2010

wow. what a night. i found out that i am going to Gresham, OR. for Pioneer Boot Camp this year. my first choice was denton, TX. but i went there last year, so i understand why i am not going back. i was very excited to see that my leaders are pastor marshall and cherise! i know that there wont be any dull moments with them :) i am going with 2 of the people i went with last year, so im excited about that. i was sad to see that i wasnt, am not, too familiar with the others in my group, so i was and am a little nervous about that. but the more i think about it, the more i know that God will make up for the difference. i know that He will use us and we will have a good time no matter what. our leaders are saying that things might not sure what they mean by that nor do i know how long before we find out if our groups are permanent. so, that makes me a little nervous too, but again, i know all will be ok. i am excited to find out what God will do in each one of these places. i will keep you updated on things as they progress.