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Thursday, February 25, 2010


this video is amazing. its the outro to "miracle" by Paramore. i love how she praises God with her songs. Theres another song called "Let the Flames Begin" and heres the link for that one (at the end, its called the outro, and hayley-the lead singer-says this "father, oh father, oh father, oh father. Father, i am ready. wont You let it begin.cuz i am here now, i want to dance in, the mighty palm of Your hand" is that not powerful or what?)

the fact that a group that is world wide known and they are Christians and they praise God like this with no shame is AMAZING!!!! Hayley openly praises God by lifting her hands and her lyrics. Not all of her songs are like this, but the ones that are, are powerful. I love the passion she has, well not only her, but the band. Hayley Williams is truely my role model. and Paramore is my favorite group. Thank God for bands like them :)

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