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Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Let the Flames Begin"

so last night at youth (5/01/10) we had one amazing service. the alter call was powerful. people were at the alters for like an hour and a half if not more. wowza. people were crying and calling out to God. the Spirit of God was so thick it was impossible to NOT feel it. even if you didnt want to feel it, you did. it was overwhelming. i have been praying for another night like the one in Brighton (posted a few below). i have been begging God to let His rain fall on the youth like it did that night in Brighton. and He did. while we didnt have a prophetic word, thats okay because the anointing made up for it. words cannot describe the feeling i had last night, or that night in
Brighton. last night reminded me of my first year of camp. i was 12 going into the 7th grade. it was the last night of camp. darin caroll was the speaker and his words changed my life. i gave my life to Jesus that friday night. i sat there and cried my eyes out. i bawled. last night was the first time ive cried like that since that night at camp. again, the feeling is not something i can explain other than simply saying that its the best feeling ever. i dont like to cry, but it feels good sometimes, especially at times when God is dealing with me and when im crying out to Him. it reminds me that He is with me and that He does hear me. i guess it kind of reminds me that He feels my pain too. so ive come to the conclusion that last night was a sign from God without a doubt. i feel like He was telling us that we need to get ready for Him. we need to get ready for what Hes going to do in us as a youth, a church, and as a person. we need to prepare for the things Hes going to pour out on us on these last days. God is preparing us for something huge, mainly the youth i think. He is getting us ready for war. not just a war with the world, but a war with the devil. it felt like last night, He was humbling all of us because if we arent humble and willing to give up everything, then He wont use us or work through us. all i could think about last night was Brighton, my first camp, and the outro to the song "Let the Flames Begin" in the outro, she sings "Father, oh Father, oh Father. Father, well are You ready? Wont You let it begin? Cause i am here now, i want to dance in the mighty palm of Your hand!" and last night, He really did let it begin. i feel as though i can take anything the devil throws at me. but, i wont get a big head about anything. i will continue to rely on God because He alone is my strength and without Him, i am nothing, nor do i have or own anything. I want God to use me in any way possible. i am willing to give it all up. i am ready for the war ahead. i am ready for the road God has for me. are you ready for the road God has for you? are you willing to give it all up? i hope so, if not. GET READY NOW. listen to the song "let the flames begin"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

PBC 2010

wow. what a night. i found out that i am going to Gresham, OR. for Pioneer Boot Camp this year. my first choice was denton, TX. but i went there last year, so i understand why i am not going back. i was very excited to see that my leaders are pastor marshall and cherise! i know that there wont be any dull moments with them :) i am going with 2 of the people i went with last year, so im excited about that. i was sad to see that i wasnt, am not, too familiar with the others in my group, so i was and am a little nervous about that. but the more i think about it, the more i know that God will make up for the difference. i know that He will use us and we will have a good time no matter what. our leaders are saying that things might not sure what they mean by that nor do i know how long before we find out if our groups are permanent. so, that makes me a little nervous too, but again, i know all will be ok. i am excited to find out what God will do in each one of these places. i will keep you updated on things as they progress.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


this video is amazing. its the outro to "miracle" by Paramore. i love how she praises God with her songs. Theres another song called "Let the Flames Begin" and heres the link for that one (at the end, its called the outro, and hayley-the lead singer-says this "father, oh father, oh father, oh father. Father, i am ready. wont You let it begin.cuz i am here now, i want to dance in, the mighty palm of Your hand" is that not powerful or what?)

the fact that a group that is world wide known and they are Christians and they praise God like this with no shame is AMAZING!!!! Hayley openly praises God by lifting her hands and her lyrics. Not all of her songs are like this, but the ones that are, are powerful. I love the passion she has, well not only her, but the band. Hayley Williams is truely my role model. and Paramore is my favorite group. Thank God for bands like them :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brighton Outreach

it was absolutely amazing to say the least. Us girls went up later, but the surrounding churches went up for an outreach but then left. The crowd was just the 2 bands and some people from Pastor Donny's church. We got 3 guys in and they got saved halfway thru the concert because Petey prayed with them! But then they left, but we didnt stop. We kept the music going. Between us (Exodus) and BASIC, we rocked the place with rap, oldies, and rock. But it wasnt until the very end of the concert that God really moved. We sang "Capivate Us" and the power of God fell down on the place. Quincy came up to do the alter call and he was speechless. He had tears in his eyes. No one really knew what was going on. He asked us to sing the song again, so we did. While we sang it, people began to cry, lift their hands, and praise God. The anointing was so thick it was insane. I hadn't felt the power of God like that since youth camp. It was great. After we sang the song the second time through, we just praised God in tongues. It lasted for a good couple of minutes and then Kayla, my sister, gave a word in tongues! Then my dad gave the interpritation(spelling?lol). Basically, God was telling us that our help comes from Him and that we need to trust Him and that He is going to pour out in these last days. Then my dad had P.Donny and his wife go up and we prayed for them. My dad gave them a word that basically said this"God is going to take care of you. You're in the right place and God is going to meet all of your needs. He gave you your helper(his wife) and you should listen to her." He also said (as if God were talking) "Im going to do a quickwork here" it was unbelievable. Then Marcus and Victor got prayed for and it was amazing to see God work in them right before my eyes. Victor said later that He hadnt felt like that since he was 18 and at youth camp. Its so true. I hadnt felt Gods presence so strong since youth camp. It was amazing. I hope and pray that it happens again! I dont want it to stop there.